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A Documentary film or motion-picture is a non-fictional documentation of reality that can be used to make the audience witness the truth. It is an interpretation of the world and its reality without any enactments. It can also be a personal expression of a very subjective point of view, or the video documentation of a corporation, its employees, its clients, its products and its place in history.

Corporate documentaries can also be an extremely effective advertising tool, with no additional embellishments that true advertising films require. It can be used to communicate while also documenting the reality, identity and vision of a company. So, a non-fiction motion picture that can be used to convey a message - Well, that’s right up our alley.

Documentary Film
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Motion pictures

Motion Pictures, also known as Film or Cinema, is a visual storytelling medium that uses moving pictures to communicate intense, intricate and deep messages. By using technology and a strong sense of art, people have created and continue to create, what one may call, the greatest artistic expression of post industrial revolution humanity.

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A documentary film is a non-fictional motion picture that can be used to make the viewers witness the truth. Sans any enactments, documentaries take the audience on a journey through the realities of the world at both micro and macro levels. The great french filmmaker, Jean Luc-Godard has said, “Cinema is truth 24 frames a second”. Nothing signifies the quote more correctly than Documentary films.

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Corporate documentaries

Yes, documentaries can also be about corporations. The purpose of a corporate documentary is to reflect the reality of a company, its values, what it stands for and of course, what it produces. It can very much be like an advertising film, without the usage of the usual tropes of an ad film. It is communication with the help of reality, truth and emotions.

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