Character Animation

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In the animation process, character animation is the part where characters are brought to life. They can move, talk, run and do as you please. With so much control, the sky is the limit when it comes to incorporating the characters into a film. And imagine what can not be done by incorporating them into an Ad film or a corporate AV.

We want the public’s eyeballs on us, that’s what the battle is all about. And character animation can help you win that battle. So, do you want them in your film? Of course you do, and we’ll do it for you!

Character Animation
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Character design

God created man, or so we believe. But man did create animated characters from scratch. Character design includes the entire concept of the character, to the art work needed to breathe life into it as well as fine tuning it to a point where it attains perfection and can be used in a film as a walking-talking character. Both 2D and 3D animation can be used to design characters of extremely impressive beauty and precision.

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Model sheets

Animators and artists use model sheets as reference to create and design newer animated characters. For example, an ad film might require a cat to present a product, which could very well be cat food. And if the demand is so, the animator can use the model sheet from Tom & Jerry as reference to design a new anthropomorphic cat that would impress everyone.

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3d rigging

In the digital world, bones are digital as well and 3D rigging is the process where 3D characters are animated by using a series of interconnected bone structures. The procedure improves animation efficiency, as adding bones allow any character, viz, a human, a car, a table or an alien to be animated and moved as per the wish of the animator. What freedom! This is why Character Animation matters.

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