3D Product Animation:

Animation is the process of creating motion to your images, 3D animation is creating a 3-dimensional movement in the object which makes the image look more realistic and brings life to the video.

3D animation is a widely used concept, starting from the education sector to the entertainment industry 3D animation is conquering the world now. The marketing industry is also using special VFX and animations to make the product look more appealing to the customer.

Steps Involved:

1. Scriptwriting –

The very first step in animation is to note down the concept of the video and form a storyboard. A storyboard is just the visual representation of the script, that has to be followed for the product animation.

2. 3D Modeling –

The next step after the storyboard is created is 3D modelling.  It’s a step of creating a 3d characterization. It is based on computer graphics. The design and dimensions of the product are decided here.

3. Texturing –

In common language, we can say texturing is bringing colors to your animation video. In this process, 2D images are laid over on 3D models to fill colors, design and textures. This process is termed as mapping and most of the color in the animation comes from this step.

4. Rigging –

This step brings structure to your animation videos. It will lay the background and control all the movements throughout the animation process. This stage is also known as ‘rigging and skinning’ as it brings life to the character of animation.

5. Animation –

This is the actual process where the animation begins or we can say this is the process where you can see the 3D objects in your video moving. With the help of keyframe animation methods, we manage the objects on a frame by frame basis.

6. Lighting and Camera Adjustments –

Lighting serves as one of the most important aspects of the 3D animation video. It helps us in making the video look more appealing and real. Poor lighting could be a turnoff for the animation. Camera adjustments are equally important, usage of the camera from distinct angles could bring major changes in the overall product animation, the animator has got enormous opportunities to play with the camera settings to make the clips look more effective.

7. Rendering –

It is the process to summarize all the information into a single frame of video. Here we get the assembled scenes of animation in a sequence of individual frames. It helps us in providing a final appearance to the clip.

8. Special VFX and Compositing –

The render with help of several compositing programs are brought to add special effects and edits as required. It includes all from special effects like evaporating, morphing, explosions etc.

9. Music Foley and Settings (Editing) –

we know music can make anything interesting thus, this step helps in making the clip more interesting and interactive for the audience.

10. Final Results –

This is the last stage in the creation of a product presentation video or a product animation. Here the final video is delivered to the client.

To create a professional 3D animation clip you need, to hand over your project to a company that holds expertise in such work.

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