What is a Product Presentation Video?

Video content is gaining more and more popularity across all the online platforms. Product Presentation Video is one of the best ways to promote and attract potential customers towards your product. Product videos are nothing but multimedia presentations where you can show the visuals. It’s a user manual in a video format that explains the different uses of the product and how it would make the customers’ life easier.

Benefits of Product Presentation Video:

1. Increase Sales –

According to a report provided by Forbes indicates that a product video influences the buying decisions of 90% of consumers directly which would result in Revenue Growth for your business.

2. Attract Customers –

A product video should be used to highlight its uses and to show the impact that it would bring in the customers life, so that it attracts the customer’s attention immediately, then develops an interest, eventually creating a desire in their mind to purchase the product.

3. Engage Audience –

Reports show that audiences prefer video content over images, letters or emails, this gives the business a chance of convincing the customers as they spend more time on video as described texts, emails or PDFs.

4. Higher Rank in the Search Results –

As stated earlier, Product Video increases audience engagement and traffic, which means they spend more time on your page and this improves your rank in the search result, we can say that search engines love Videos.

5. A Better Understanding of Products and Services –

A product video gives the live demonstration of the product hence it helps the consumer to understand things more precisely.

6. Usage of Animation/Illustration –

The quality of the product video should always be top-notch so that the customer would like to interact and share the video with a larger audience.

7. Increase Company Value –

product presentation video technique which not just helps the customer to make a rational decision but also helps the business in creating a corporate presence in the market. Corporate Presentation is the technique of creating a brand image or Goodwill for a company. This is not just used to build and promote a product or a service but also the company as a whole by appealing to the target audience.

8. Conversion Rate Increases –

A video makes a customer stick to the platform for a long time after landing on the page and this helps in a whopping 80% increase in the conversion rate.

How can our Illusions Brand help you reach the heights of Video Marketing?

Our Illusions Brand is the Best Presentation Design Agency in Mumbai, a full-service advertising agency providing numerous services across marketing and animation which will take your business to new heights. We hold expertise in Creating Product Animation, 2D Character Animation, 3D Animation, Product Presentation etc.

We use motion graphics to create a corporate AV or a product video. Motion graphics brings life to all the explainer videos, branding or ad films and makes it interesting for the audience to watch it.

Our main mission is to make your content exceptionally unique and creative, we have always pushed the boundaries of advertising and we have never compromised on content.

How is Product Presentation Video going to impact the market in 2021?

Nearly 59% of the world’s population is on the internet and we have seen digital Marketing growing at such a fast pace in the last 5 years, the product Presentation video is the next big thing in the Digitization process of the world and hence it becomes crucial for us to stay up to date with the current marketing needs.

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