An advertisement is a form or a process to create desirability among its viewers. An ad film is another method of enhancing the advertisement more appealingly. So, the desirability is levelled up in the form of an ad film.

Ad film maker production requires a step by step involvement for an Ad film. The various steps involved such as follows:

1 . Planning –

Planning is important because it gives a guide that how and what are the requirements to be met before involving in the ad film production.

2. Pre- Production –

In pre-production, there are several things to be considered such as cast, location, storyline, which VFX to be used, and planning all the essential things before the video production.

3. Ad Film Production –

In this stage, it is where the main planned activity is to be started. In this phase, it is to make sure that the whole film making is going as per the plan.

4. Ad Film Post Production –

This is one of the stages where the whole things come to an end. In this post-production work many things after the video production things required to be considered such as dubbing, editing, graphics, and animation, etc.

These above-mentioned points are the complete guide described briefly to understand the ad film production.

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