How often have you seen advertisements of various business industries appearing on the world’s biggest search engine platforms and dreamt of having one of yours too? How often have you urged to own prized territory in search results that boost audience engagement, sales, and communication?

Your answer lies here – PPC CAMPAIGNING.

What Is PPC Marketing?

Also known as Search Engine Marketing, PPC stands for pay-per-click that is an effective mode of online marketing that displays ads of the different publishers on various advertising platforms including search engines like Bing and Google. Every time a user clicks on these, the advertiser pays a fee to the host.

Why Pick PPC Marketing?

It is incredibly cost-effective that works according to your budget. Along with provisions for changes of your ad budget within your preferred limits. It also involves paying only when a person clicks on the ad by the PPC advertising agencies in Mumbai.

The launching time of a PPC campaign is almost none. Even if your search engine rankings are not high, you can still promote your company to compete with companies that have been in the game for years. The impact of PPC is immediate as it draws a clear picture of the usefulness of your investment.

Why Choose Us?

Mastering PPC marketing is not easy. These campaigns require technical knowledge, smart designing, meticulous analysis of information, and proper implementation to remain at the top of organic searches and trends.

Here at Illusions Brand, we parallelly understand the needs of your business and the demands of the customers to bind them together to make an effective PPC Campaign. We have mastered the art of persuasion that sums up to successful campaigning that is just a click away. Identifying ourselves as a successful Pay Per Click Agency, we would be glad to be at your service and be a part of your journey of success.

10 PPC Tips for Effective Advertising Strategy

The game lies in optimizing and choosing the proper keywords that are good performers. Generalized keywords are very competitive and most marketers make the mistake of going behind these. But the money lies in the LONG TAIL. Let us go thought some of the tips from Illusions Brand, the top PPC management company in India.

  1. You should start by going more specific that tends to generate more sales in the long run.
  2. Reach your ideal customers by using demographics like usage of location-based keywords or geotargeting a radius to be free of a lot of users who would never have been your preferred customer.
  3. The inclusion of negative keywords avoids placing your ads on results produced when a user search for them.
  4. Remarketing shows ads to users who have already viewed your products or services that increase conversion rates and re-use missed opportunities.
  5. Do not be afraid to add extensions like products, prices, or specific sub-pages under your website. This increase quickly through by 10%.
  6. Optimizing your ads is extremely important. Create 20 of them and test them. Let them compete against each other and choose the one that has the highest clicks per rate will result in a higher quality score and lower cost per click.
  7. Customer engagement is the most important for host platforms. The more a customer is engaged in your website, the less will be the bounce rate and the more quality score will be awarded. Thus, optimizing the landing page is of utmost importance. Spend time to make your site useful and creative for more attention from the users.
  8. Mobile-friendly campaigns are to give you more success than any other. Today more than 47% of the population resort to smartphones because of convenience and portability. Focus in the right format on the most preferred devices for greater reach.
  9. Monitor your campaigns regularly that gives you an insight into your performance to help create a strong marketing strategy. Most marketers fail to do this which fails the PPC campaigns altogether.
  10. Create attention-grabbing headlines along with usage of smart words like HURRY, EXCLUSIVE OFFER, etc. The ad copy should clearly state why users should choose you over your competitors.


Illusions Brand is one of the lead generation companies in Mumbai that works in the best interests of their customers. Being one of the few successful PPC management companies in Mumbai and Advertising agencies in India, we provide you with the top Pay Per Click campaigns to help boost your business.

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