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The technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement when the film is shown as a sequence. Visual Effects are the processes by which imagery is created or manipulated.

This is what google will tell you when you search for Animation & Visual effects, but if you ask us Animation & Visual effects means putting life into your dreams, making imaginations walk, sing, dance, cry, laugh and everything that’s within and beyond one’s imagination. How good are we, when it comes to Animation and VFX? Have a look at it down here to know for yourself.

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2d character designing

The creation, characterisation and model sheet of an animated character comprises the core aspects of character designing. When done using 2D animation, it is called 2D character designing. Any animated film in order to have the desired impact, would require well designed characters that the audience can connect emotionally with. Once done, it is these characters that would become the medium to convey the message that makers seek to convey.

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Story boarding

Making a video, of any kind, requires planning. Planning leads to better execution. And story boarding is an integral part of the process that leads to a flawless execution. In story boarding, every shot that would ultimately combine to form the film, is pre visualised through either sketches or animation. It brings sanity to the madness that is the process of film making while adding clarity to shot requirements.

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Cartoon animation

Use the term cartoon, and children come to mind. However, cartoons have the power to clearly communicate with adults as well and this is where cartoon animation becomes extremely important for every type of advertising or corporate video. It’s unrealistic, yet visually appealing nature can make the viewer concentrate more on the message being conveyed and hence, help a company better utilise the format to create awareness and increase sales.

2D Product animation and video animation

We at Illusions Brand Solutions create 2D and 3D product animation and explainer videos for business and services. We are partly responsible for presenting our clients a perfect quality of Corporate Product Presentation animation service. You will get professional 3D animation service at Illusions Brand. We have been working with many national and international brands all across the globe. It’s not only the knowledge of the brand, products, or services that associate your company with your consumers. It’s also the personality and attitude of the brand that people will convey to others after watching your video.

What is Product Video?

A product video is a video which explains and visually showcase Products benefits, it’s Unique points and its application. However, while creating animated product videos, we understand the main goal of the product video. If 3D Product video is for marketing purpose then we make sure video talks about how it helps customer to solve their problems, As videos for marketing talks about products application. If the purpose of product videos is showing product demo, then we focus on its features and unique selling point. So on the list goes on as the purpose of product video changes. Product videos are very beneficial for manufacturing industries. As it gives realistic product video animation so customers can have real-life experience online.

Types of 2D animation:

1. 2D animation (Character Based): Character based 2D cartoon animation is used to explain how your products and services are useful for customers. These videos explain the concept with characters, which improve your brand and build an emotional connection with your consumers.

2. 2D animation (Object Based): These are also 2D animation videos but in these videos, the concept is explained through other elements or objects rather than a character-based approach. In this animation, objects are accurately animated to explain the concept

Motion Graphics Video:

Motion graphics is a combination of different creative elements like typography, shapes, logos and videos. These all are animated to tell a story in a fantastic visual video.

3D animation Video:

3D animation is the best way to impress your audience through brilliant videos. In this, concepts are explained with effective motion graphics and impressive visuals to engage more viewers. These videos are ideal for industries that use the technologies which are hard to explain.

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